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Why Is He Texting You At 2 AM? Don’t Jump To Any Conclusions!


Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

So imagine this scene. You have been dating for a few months and he’s a super hot guy. But he doesn’t seem to be so much into you.

One night after girl’s night out, you reach home late and your phone buzzes. Message from him at 2 am:

Where are you? 

Have you reached home?

Stop jumping and read on to know why he was texting you at two in the morning:

1. He is finally comfortable with you around

Love text

He knows you and likes you. He likes you around and is accepting the chemistry.

2. He thinks you are fun to be with


He thinks you are great company and in all probability his buddies too think the same. He always has a good time with you and you love him drunk too.

3. He totally fell for you on the last date


He had been seeing you closely all this while, although you did not notice that. And now he thinks that you are irreplaceable.

4. He is looking out for you, as you have seen his family jewels too

Woman s Hand Squeezing Bed Sheet

You know him, he knows you and you guys manage to set the bed on fire. Nothing needs to be said beyond this.

5. He is confident that you will say yes


You guys are so well gelled that words are not required anymore. He just needs to pop the question.

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