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How To Have A New Birthday This New Year!

It’s not the ‘once-a-month’ day which keeps repeating, Nor does it comes so soon that your patience ends. Your birthday my friend, comes once in a year and your main aim should be to crack it like an IIT exam.

Well, what KHURKI wants to say is that one day of the year i.e. the birthday should be remarkable, rememberable, worth the day and full of positivity!

Here is some stuff to celebrate a ‘New’ birthday or a different one this ‘New Year’ –

Test drive your dream car

If it’s somewhere near you, someone who has it… try asking them.


Try to conquer one of your biggest fears

Is it jumping off a 5 feet wall? Or walking alone at midnight? You’ll feel good, once you’re done with it.

Sing a song on stage 

Because what I believe is you’re shy enough for this.


Boycott alcohol for a day

Because on birthdays, others drink on your account.


Best Birthday Shower

Maybe on the roof or somewhere in bedroom


Try cooking yourself rather than spending

And if the taste doesn’t match the actual taste, don’t feed others.


Kick one habit that is holding you back

Because that’s somewhere your weakness… So, start it without any of them.


An adventurous bike trip, if never done

Because cakes-partying-booze is too mainstream for a birthday!

Rooftop/Pool Partyyyy!

Just try this and trust me you’ll have the best birthday till date.

pool party_khurki.net

Act of random kindness

Which should rather not be done deliberately after reading this.

indian forces to rescue

Not to waste a bit of cake

Yes! That, we used to do as kids and we still do it… should be stopped.


Read one of the best books

If reading isn’t a habit yet, you must take out time for it on your birthday. Inculcate this habit!


Get out of debt

And for that matter, EARN!

christmas gift

Try to get complete all pending assignments

And you know it’s not your office or college thingy I’m talking about.

Very busy business

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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