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Why Do I Hate ‘Hmm’ In A Conversation? Do You?


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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now 😉

I think you’ll agree on the fact that ‘hmm’ in a conversation is very boring. Right?

Here’s a short story of a boy who texts a girl from his college…Take a look…

Boy to the Girl: I saw you today!
Girl : Even I saw you.
Boy: Glad you noticed me. You were looking beautiful! 🙂
(and when there’s a chance to take the conversation further, she’d be like)
Girl: ‘Hmm’

Arrey yaar ye ‘hmm’ marr kyun nahin jaata bc? Now what’s this hmm’ for…Hmm!!

Either she wants him to text her again or she’s too busy to have a conversation. But then she could have responded with ‘will get back to you later?’.. or she’s just not interested in a hairy wound like him?

But BC control be to nahin hota..! So, he texted her again in hope of having the nicest of conversations.

Boy: Weather is good, isn’t it?
Girl : ‘Hmm’

Why? Is he the terrorist who managed to escape after committing the 9/11 attack? Or has he got a life ban for playing in the football club of his country because he screwed someone’s nuts? Why? Just why?

KHURKI tells you why using HMM in a conversation is a crime…

1. Creates a negative impression of the person…



2. Is an end to the conversation…



3. Creates a boring atmosphere…

4. You seem “non-interesting” to the reader



5. Breaks many hearts



6. Makes the other lose hope



7. Receiver might think that your talks are not appealing



8. You’re BORING


9. Lack in bonding because of poor response


10. People start hating you, they seriously DO!


* Well, it’s also happiness for your prankster friends who love annoying you with this.

It might be that someone is just not interested in the other person but replying them with a hmm hurts more than telling them that ‘you’re just not interested’. You’ll get heartbroken by both the ways.. So, it’s better to choose the wiser option!

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