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Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan’s Mamma. You Wouldn’t Be Slapped.


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Shahrukh Khan’s love for his mom is very well known. So, he made it special on the occasion of her birthday today. He posted a picture of his mom on Facebook wishing her.

Here’s what it looks like:

She would be 74 years today and I would be slapped for telling her age….it’s a happy day today.

Posted by Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

His post said that he would have been beaten up for disclosing her age, if she were around…

Awwwwwww….that’s so sweet Shahrukh…we are sure the mother-son bond was very warm.

We did manage to get a picture of Shahrukh Khan’s parents for you, here it is:


Wishing you all the best on your mom’s birthday. There’s no replacing the mother in this world.

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