No We Are Not Crazy, You Don’t Need To Shampoo Your Hair!


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Nowadays, everyone wants good looking and healthy hair, though the definition of good looking is different for everybody from healthy hair, everybody means clean and shining how would you react when all the shampoo and conditioner go missing from the planet…don’t worry we have a solution for you and it could be better than that toxic shampoo. With this being said, there are products out there that don’t contain all these harmful chemicals, so if ditching shampoo and conditioner doesn’t seem like the best option, it may be worth taking time to actually see what’s in hair products before buying them. Professional styling products, for example, may be something worth switching to if finding suitable products is becoming a struggle for your hair.

Water..The best solution to your hair!

It sounds awkward but trust me it is really works. Actually, the shampoos you use just wash off all the oils from your scalp and then the conditioners add a coating to it….so it’s your choice you want to let them make you a fool or would think over it once.

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Your hair turn out to be really amazing!

Earlier you hair feel disgusting but later on your hair will go back to being its normal lustrous self. So you can go about styling your hair the way you like by getting some classic beach waves using a hair curler or straightening it. It is important, however, that you use the right tools to take care of your hair. So when it comes to choosing the best curling iron for beach waves, make sure you don’t compromise on the quality. Therefore, instead of loading your hair chemicals from the shampoo, water is all you really need to get your hair clean and make it ready-to-style.

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Your hair fall will decrease

When you stop using those intoxicants, your hair fall will stop for sure…and you can get your long and shiny hair back…and for boys I think only shiny is enough!

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It doesn’t smell bad!

Though washing your hair with shampoos left a nice fragrance but you don’t have any idea that you are paying only for the scent and washing your hair with warm or natural water won’t make them to smell bad..give it a try!

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Split ends will vanish

The most common problem of the girls is just chill and stop using shampoos because they will only increase it!

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