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Get These Happening Office Gadgets And Work Happily!

You have to face it, your workplace is your second home and if it is plain and uninspiring then that will affect your mood and ability to work. It’s always a great idea to spruce up your office with plants and decorations as well as to get positive energy and creative ideas from the Best workspace designs. Better offices make for better productivity that is a well-known fact, a little something here and there can always help to make your office feel a bit more personal to you. If you don’t own your office and don’t have the power to renovate your entire office space (at least without getting an orlando tenant build out approved) then don’t feel demotivated. We all have adequate comforts and gadgets in our homes, so why not have helpful gadgets to make our office space more comfortable and easier? And to help you with that, Khurki has picked the best of 10 office gadgets that will make sure you have something to look forward to as you head into your office.

Sticky Note Roller

This is like a post-it note and we are completely dependant on it. Cut any length, and write all those pesky to-dos right on your desk.


Image Source:

Loopits Wall Storage

Keep all your items within reach with these space-saving straps.


Image Source: The Design Home

Paper Table

If napkins aren’t big enough for your ideas, you will love Paper Table. Topped with a giant stack of paper, just load up your doodles, rip it off and start over with another sheet.


Image Source: Turnstone

The Notepaper Roller

Get the exact amount of paper that you need for the task. A really smart design!


Image Source:

Miniature Zen Garden

Everyone must have mini Zen garden as it helps to relax, plus it adds greenery to desk.


Image Source: Home Landscaping

Error message sticky notes

Fun way to communicate with your co-workers.


Image Source: Sky Rye Design


This cute warmer will make your hand cozy while you type when the office is freezing.


Image Source:Sky Rye Design

Comfortable hammock for your feet

This one’s a dream-come-true product. Now you can relax your feet with this under-desk hammock. Have ordered one for my Editor. Just make sure you buy reliable office desks at places such as Office Monster because the last thing you want is for the weight of your feet on your hammock to snap your flimsy desk in half. Hopefully you don’t have a full mug of coffee there as well!


Smallest walkie-talkie

And finally, a gift that definitely is used by co-workers sitting in another department.


Image Source:

USB cooler & warmer

Keep a can of something you like always handy – may we suggest beer to begin with. 😉 Coke and juice can follow. Because it is powered by USB you can easily plug it into your computer or laptop for power. If you notice your computer is being slow after plugging it in maybe that’s a sign to use a wall USB charger socket instead…


Image Source:

Calendar stamp

You can use this stamp anywhere on sheet to plan your activities.


Image Source:

Pooleaf pen

My boss is fascinated by these pens..


Image Source:

Basket ball stand trash basket

With basketball stand waste basket, you can knock down free throws every time you need to trash the waste paper. The fun factor…eh!


Image Source: Trend Hunter

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