Six Unknown Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Skin!


Every woman wishes for a model like skin so that they don’t have to apply foundation on their face on a daily basis. Some will use skincare products to help with any blemishes or skin concerns like dark/age spots, they may use products like gundry md dark spot diminisher to help with these, or shop around the skincare market to see what suits them best. In an attempt to hide blemishes, acne marks and wrinkles, here are a few changes you can incorporate for that glowing skin.

Don’t talk too much on the phone

You read it right! If you spend hours talking on the phone, you are allowing the bacteria crawling on your mobile screen to cause breakouts and rashes around your jawline and cheeks. Instead, you can use earplugs. Also, make sure you clean your phone screen and skin with antibacterial wipes after every long call.



Don’t skip meals

Do you know that skin is the biggest organ in your body? You also know that food provides necessary vitamins to it. So skipping meals negatively alters your skin by making it dull and extra dry. Try including more of Vitamins C, B3 and A rich food in your diet.



Exercise regularly

As you all know, exercise improves blood circulation, it helps blood vessels to directly transport oxygen and essential nutrients to your skin, which helps it to stay young and glowing. Exercising also releases stress and cleanses the body from toxins through respiration, so ladies exercise regularly to avoid age spots. Speaking of relieving stress, it may be worth checking out sites like (as cannabis is said to have calming properties), in the hopes of trying alternative methods that can have a better impact in reducing stress more so than other methods have done. Stress can play a large part when it comes to our skin, so finding a way to relieve stress is important.



Drink lots of water

Keeping yourself well hydrated has many good effects on your body, one being it helps fight skin ageing and also gives you a healthy glow. Drink lots of water. You can add orange and lemon slices to enhance the flavour.



Don’t take hot showers

Once in a while, we all like to take steamy showers to relieve stress or pain. Stress can be a lot for anyone to handle, especially if people are uncertain on how to relieve it effectively. Saying this though, with there being alternative options such as trying marijuana strains (read more about this website for more information), tai chi or even taking supplements, these are just some ways that people can relieve stress.

But spending more than 10 minutes in hot water strips away your skin’s natural oil which can cause dryness. It is advised to apply moisturizer immediately. Something else that is said to help relieve stress could be the use of alternative methods such as CBD oil or other marijuana-related products. If this is something that people haven’t considered before, it may be worth checking out sites like for more information. Relieving stress is beneficial, as no one wants to live with this constantly, especially as it can make doing daily tasks a struggle.



Sleep adequately

Did you know if you don’t sleep properly at night it can wreak havoc on your skin? It triggers premature ageing, dullness and dark circles, so make sure to sleep for eight hours to look refreshed in the morning.



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Manisha Jessani
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