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7 Habits You Must Change If You Don’t Want To Leave A Bad Impression!

There are many things in life that we do without even realising. We might be unaware of these things, but the person next to us will not like them and end up forming a wrong impression about us. But guys not to worry about it. We’ll give you a list of these unintentional mistakes so that you can keep a check on yourself while doing any of this. Here you go…

Checking phones

We make this mistake very often and that too without realising how the person next to us would feel about it. He could interpret this behaviour as bad manners or even attitude. Though we were listening to him/her, but the distraction of attending to a message that beeped in your phone would not be taken well. It will show that you are not interested in the conversation. Eye contact is very important to make any communication effective.

Not letting anybody else speak

Putting your point of view is good, but we know that excess of everything is bad. So every time you try to do this, you’ll be dominating the conversation without listening to others. And that doesn’t leave a very good impression on people around you. So, control your emotions and avoid doing this all the time.

Looking people in the eye

Eye contact is important to show that you are confident but when you continue it for a long period of time, your confidence turns into a bad impression. It embarrasses the other person and makes the atmosphere uncomfortable for any future conversations.

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Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
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