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Guys, What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You? Presumably, Lots!


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Priya Aurora
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Indian men, at least most of them, don’t spare a second thought for their hair. Some of them still follow their mom’s instructions of oiling their hair before going out and others who stick to the “boycut” – no matter what.

But did you know that the way you do your hair, reflects so much on what goes on inside your head.

Read on and educate yourself.

1. The universal side parting

You are an honest and simple guy, who goes straight to home at 5pm.

Side Parting-Khurki.net

But we would really love it if you loosen up sometimes.

2. The Hritikh Roshan puff

The puff guy is a party animal. He likes to flaunt his hair and his stuff at every given opportunity.


He lives life king-size!

3. The spikes man

Well, in all probability, you are from the 90s. You are a smooth operator who believes in looking for solutions.


And that too with style!

4. The man with a bun

A man who has the time to make a bun every morning, has to be patient, committed and mature.

Bun Hairstyle-Khurki.net

The who-cares-attitude is pretty obvious!

5. The no-nonsense crew cut

People who think crew cuts are lame need a style check. Deemed to be the “simple” hairstyle, in reality this isn’t true. A good barber and the best clippers for a buzz cut are essential to make this style work. In all probability, your dad is a fauji.

Brad Pitt-Khurki.net

You may be loud on opinions, but are totally committed and hard working.

6. The undercut

You follow the fashion scene diligently and have a long list of followers too.


The life of every party and a prime catch for any woman.

7. The artist with long hair

Long Hairs-Khurki.net

We all associate long hair with artistic expression. You don’t care a damn about society and its rules. But you are often asked – Do you play a guitar??

So, which hairstyle do you fit? Tell us a little about it!

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