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10 Guy Kinds That Make Girls Uneasy! Are You Among Them?


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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ūüėČ

What’s with boys that they love to¬†make¬†girls uneasy?¬†Is it more like an internship offered for free!! If not all, then most of them tend to show what they feel through their¬†acts which¬†often sound creepy. But creepy might just be a conservative notion for one but not for the other at the same time. Here’s a look at the different kinds of men a woman can expect to bump into now and then…

The focused guy

One¬†who says that he’s focused and you probably never asked ‘focused on what?’


The touchy kinds

Touchy guys sound creepy to most girls, so it’s better to maintain a little distance until the ice is broken just to be on the safe side.

Image Source

Staring constantly, out of nowhere

As if it’s another one from our fraternity¬†landed from the other world and we just can’t get our eyes off!

men staring women_khurki.net

Try smiling like Brad Pitt when they just can’t

The ‘Actor’ feel we try to get when your most-wanted girl suddenly comes our way.


Doesn’t know what¬†personal space means!

And you know somewhere inside you just HATE that guy trying to intrude into your personal space or prying into your private life in just one or two meetings. Guys, all such efforts will go in vain!

Image Source

The polluted mind & mouth guy

Golden rule to follow when pursuing a girl, mind your tongue even if you obviously control your thoughts from running amok!

Image Source

The stalker variety!

Most girls have experienced stalking, which is most irritating and unpleasant. Boys, learn to take no for an answer!


One who wants to help, even when not needed

Because that’s what his family pays him for, social work! Smirk smirk!

Image Source

The ‘Postman’ guy

One who writes letters and somehow posts them to you through links. Is he the Romeo or the guy in a shining armor you have been waiting for? Nah!

Image Source

Pinging is his favourite pastime

Blocking may not help. He might find you somewhere else… Best of Luck! (y)


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