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Khurki Of The Month: Beware Guys, These Professionals Will Definitely Steal Your Woman

Professions steal your woman

Beware, all you workaholic men so absorbed in work that you don’t have a clue what’s happening behind your back – at home with your wife darling. Is she spending time at home or is she out gallavanting not just with her women friends…but…

Without wanting to make insinuating statements or raising any questions about the integrity or harming the dignity of a woman, we would want to admit certain professions, or better still, men pursuing these professions who could be “stealing” your wife from right under your nose. All you will be left with is a sigh and sob story of “jab main chhota bachha tha”.

You can’t blame the poor woman, for she has been so neglected by your absence. A void is easily filled by the first person closest to the situation, be that her gym trainer or the tutor of your kids. A dipstick survey of women and men clearly pointed out the loose steps one encounters and one slips. But trust me when you see our list, you will be either wondering, laughing or shouting out loud ‘bulls eye’.

So the not-so-noble professionals which could steal your wife…

Gym trainers

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This profession is the most dangerous to you if you are one careless unfit peace of lazy ass. Women get attracted to fit men and specially with their trainers. As they are comfortable with each other & quite cosy with each others in literal terms. This dude is definitely prone to stealing the love of life.

Singers at lounge

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Playing the guitar, humming her favourite song, giving a smile in between can even melt the icy cold heart. Singers at lounges and bars are as good as celebs for women. It will definitely give her a kick in dating one and probability of them being romantic is way too high. But trust me, it won’t last long if that is any consolation.

Your kids coach

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This man is one fit dude who is also good with kids and good looking as well. What else a woman would want? In this situation you lose the fight even before beginning it!

The Big Boss

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A man who is rich, succesful and can control her, is without any doubt a winner and a game changer. Success attracts us all, be it men or women – they are all attracted by successful persons.

Your Boss

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Oh oh, now that would be a different chapter. With reasons quite similar to ‘her’ boss situation, in the case of your Boss it is not WHO controls her, but who controls YOU. All the other factors stand even stronger. And your chances of winning this situation? Don’t make me write about it & make you feel sad.

Flight stewards

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Just like the air hostesses get extra attention from men, vice versa is also true. They are men in uniform, courteous, chivalrous and good looking. As those are the basic requirements of the airlines and that of the women too.


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Again it is very obvious for women to fall for the bouncers. Where would a woman meet or run into a bouncer? At a club, bar, where she is going to be high on something. Even if she is not drinking, there’s a natural high you get from dancing. And who would not fall for a tall, disciplined, stern, muscular guy and in a body fit black tee? And that too when you are high!

Guy gynaecologists

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Man this dude anyway has access to her ‘flower’. And knows how to handle mood swings, PMS, et al. And is a certified doctor. There’s no chance on earth you would ever be able to reclaim your wife from this dude. May be you can, if you yourself are pursuing one of the professions discussed.

Salon manager

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There is a man who can help her with fifty shades of pink, who can get her ready for a party or a wedding. A man who can provide her best of services and discounts. He is professionally qualified to steal your wife. And believe me, nothing matters more to a woman as discounts!

Do not have baseless doubts on your partner, or may be you should! In that case, do pass me her number!!

Disclaimer: All the thoughts/points expressed in this write-up are the sole creation of the writer, to be safely referred to as a figment of his imagination. The website refuses to wash its hands over the blog and completely endorses his viewpoint.



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