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Guy Skips Rocks On Frozen Lake & What Does He Find?


Devashish Vaid
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A new experiment when a nature lover skips rocks…

This guy is all over internet making people go crazy with what he found while he skips rocks on frozen lake.

Obviously, the rock didn’t break the ice to sink, but it created one of the coolest sounds you may have heard. This guy, Cory Williams aka DudeLikeHella was exploring Alaska countryside with his girlfriend when he decided to skip stones on a frozen lake.

The moment he skipped the first rock, it produced a sound never heard before in the middle of the forest.

WATCH: The Sound it Makes When You Skip A Stone On A Frozen Lake!

This prompted him to repeat the exercise and every time a chirping sound was created. A very amusing sound made right after the he skips rocks is what you should definitely hear. Might sound like some sci-fi effect but actually it is some yet-to-be discovered physics effect.

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