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These Gurgaon Eateries Should Be On Every Food Lover’s List!

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Food can be a motivation factor for many people. It can lift your spirits and make your world feel so wonderful. Whatever the reason, good food is a must for most of us. Gurgaon is a happening place when it comes to food for all the food lovers. It offers you many great options for all kinds of cuisines. Check out our list of Gurgaon eateries and head to any of these places next time.

1 Raj Mahal Delux

The restaurant is 30 years old and has a long list of loyal customers. You get the best of Chinese and Mughlai here. You get to enjoy a meal here with ghazals playing in the background. The old world charm impresses one and all.

2 Café Wanderlust

It’s a new restaurant and is the talk of the town already. You will find it in Galleria and it is a must visit for vegetarians. The atmosphere is casual and the service is great. You can choose from dishes all over the country. You must try the Banarsi Kachori.

3 Jalebi Wala Sardar

If you are a fan of old world desserts, then this is the place for you. Do not judge it by its looks, judge it by the long line outside. The jalebi is out of the world and the best in the region.

4 21 Guns Salute

The first thing you will notice about this place will be its décor. You will see some fantastic vintage cars here and some very old gramophones too. The main focus is on Mughlai food and it is worth every penny you spend on it. You must try the Murg Shaikawati Kebab.

5 Bombay Best Pav Bhaji

If you long to have an original plate of Pav Bhaji, then this weekend head here. The bhaji is fresh and the pao melts in your mouth. Have a hearty meal with your family here.



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