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Grooming Tips For Men For That Superstar Look!

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We are well aware that most men hate the thought of going to a parlour. But sadly, not all men are born looking like a superstar. Hence, if you want to look presentable, you need to groom yourself and also focus on your personal hygiene. If you are ignoring the places that we are pointing out to, then next time a girl does not look at you, only you are to blame.

5 Your fingernails need to be proper

It is a known fact that long nails only look good on women. They never have and they never will look good on men. And if you think sporting dirty nails will ever get you a woman, then you are in for a shock.

4 Nose hair is a big NO!

Imagine being seated at a restaurant for a candle light dinner with your date. And when she tries to get up close with you, the first ting she notices is the hair peeping out of your nose. If you don’t want her to puke or feel disgusted, then please trim them right away.

3 Bushy eyebrows can be a turnoff

We are not asking you to get your eyebrows shaped. But please ask your hair dresser to pluck out the unruly hair, that make you resemble a black bear. Or just use a tweezer and do it yourself.

2 Smelly feet are a big turn off

Hopefully, you are taking a bath daily and wearing a fresh pair of socks too. But are you also taking care of the skin between your toes? The sweat and moisture can make it smell and also invite a fungal infection.

1 Clean your ears regularly

If you do not clean your ears regularly, you will soon invite a bad ear infection and no girl will also come close to you. And if you become hard of hearing, you will be a lost case anyway.



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