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Green Is The Colour Of Fertility And Life. Are You A Mother Nature Person?


Priya Aurora
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There will be a very few people in this world who would get disturbed by the colour green.

After all, green is the colour of Mother Nature herself. Green is also believed to be the colour of fertility and if you were a bride in Maharashtra, your wedding dress would comprise of a green saree.

Read on more to know the traits of a green person.

1. If green is your colour, then there is every possibility that you are a practical and modest person

2. You love your backyard and can spend hours tending your plants

3. Even in the most stressful situations, you manage to strike a balance or at least try earnestly to achieve it

4. A green person can never be cruel and shrewd. Kindness and generosity comes naturally to them

5. When it comes to choosing between something for yourself or feeding the puppies in the rain, you obviously choose the latter

6. Greens are quick learners who like to adapt themselves to new concepts

7. You love to love and be loved in return. It takes very little to warm your heart and melt it

8. Being drawn to nature, greens like to know their roots and where they belong. They make excellent team players with unquestionable loyalty

9. Go check a community group and most good citizens in it will be greens

10. We can’t vouch for this one, but greens have very high moral standards and they like to do the right thing every time

11. If you are out looking for a faithful companion and a loyal friend, wave the green flag

12. Since greens rarely go overboard, it is very difficult to win an argument with them

13. The only vice that we could find was that they do tend to gossip and get into trouble for it

14. And their love for food is famous in all quarters. Losing weight is very tough for them

15. Greens are so convinced of their facts that they tend to get envious and jealous

On the whole a green will love unconditionally and expect the same. A simple thank you will make their day and win you a friend forever.

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