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Govinda’s WTF Songs Of All Times. See It To Believe It!


Govinda Arun Ahuja.

Yep! That’s the name of this film actor who has done so many movies that while going through the list we got exhausted.

He signed his first movie in lead role in the year 1986 and it was called Tan-Badan.

Seeing the over-glittery costumes, I too had a grin on my face but koini, uss time yahi sab chalta tha...

So, we all know that he started being called as Chi-Chi and had hits which sometimes made no sense at all…

Check out some of those songs that made me go…Whaaaat thaaaaaa…..phhhh….!!!!

Sabse pehla wala started with an awful pair of misfit block heels…eeeewww….

Ye wala to was like a failed version of Michael Jackson costume..

These lyrics went over my head..what the hell is jaada??

Can someone please tell me ke ye bhai saheb ne belt T-shirt ke upar kyun pehna hua hai??

Is this a song or a nursery rhymn? And how disrespectful yaar ‘baap’???

I remember all the roadside romeos singing this one for sure..and by the way agar Govinda ne apni pant thodi aur upar baandhi hoti to shayad unhe T-shirt ki zaroorat hee na padhti..!!

How can annnyone write such lyrics….what the hell is Chumaaaa???? Aaarghhhhh

Aanan paanan aanan paanan????


The opening scenes of the song were enough for me to understand what’s coming next..

The protein diet song..

For me, Rakhi Sawant looked better here…but babe…in a dance bar with you dancing around it’s not difficult to understand his so called irada..!!!

I am so done with these, but surely there were some songs which I still hummm…unmein se ek yeh hai..




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