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Gorilla Shelters Boy Who Fell In Its Enclosure, Yet Shot Dead!

Cincinnati Zoo authorities were forced to kill one of their rare species gorilla to save a four-year-old boy who fell inside the animal’s enclosure. The 17-year-old Harambe carried the boy for around 10 minutes in its enclosure before being shot dead.

Though the gorilla was only dragging the child around and seemingly didn’t pose any threat to the life of the little kiddo, the risk was too huge to be taken and thus the reaction. The western lowland gorilla was a rare specie and the authorities have been devastated by the development. The video of the incident has been going viral globally since Saturday.

Watch here the video uploaded by ViralHog on Sunday.

Gorilla Shelters Boy In Its Enclosure, Yet Shot Dead!

We all should use this incident as a time to question ourselves: Is killing animals for the sake of humans is right? Are zoos ethical? Animal display for entertainment should be legal?

Or such an instance should be a lesson for all parents to keep their children on a tight leash when visiting zoos!

If you have the answers please share!



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