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#GoodbyeElenaGilbert: Vampire Diaries Won’t Be The Same Without You


Priya Aurora
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The Vampire Diaries will not be the same without Elena Gilbert.

If you have been hooked to the show from day one like us, you will totally understand the pain that we are feeling today.

Damon without Elena and Stefan without her is unimaginable. She is like the beating heart of the show. How will the vampires and humans ever go on living and dying without her?

WE love her and will miss her terribly because:

  • She taught us how to love in a way that it consumes you.
  • She made Damon fall in love with a human.
  • She is an epitome of beauty and we love her as Catherine Pierce or as Elena.
  • She is the reason that Damon’s eyes light up and he flashes his sexiest smile.
  • No more hot and steamy scenes, will make TVD cold and boring.
  • Honestly, she and Damon were the only reason we kept watching the show for 6 years.

And, of course #GoodbyeElenaGilbert has been trending across the world:


Good Bye Elena / Nina Dobrev we will miss you like hell.

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