When In Goa, Don’t Miss Out On These Desserts!


You must have relished Feni in Goa and had sea food in the shacks. But did you know that Goa also offers you a long list of desserts, which are absolutely unique to the taste.

When you head to Goa, do not miss these sweets for anything.

1. Bebinca


This is a multi-layered cake dish. It is made with eggs, flour and ghee. And when you have it with vanilla ice cream you get transported to heaven. You must not leave Goa without having this.

2. Doce


This teatime favourite is made with coconut and chickpea flour. One look at it and you will get tempted for sure.

3. Dodol


This world famous Goan dessert is made with coconut, rice flour and jaggery. It is had like a pudding and has a rich brown colour.

4. Patoleo


This dish is also called patoli. It is made with turmeric leaves. There is a stuffing of rice, coconut and jaggery inside it.

5. Kidyo or Kulkul


These sugary and crunchy delights are sure to become your favourite. These bite-sized bites are dipped in sugar syrup before serving.

6. Neureos


This dish is similar to Karanjis in Maharashtra. These delicious dumplings have a crisp outer covering and a filling of coconut inside.

7. Kokad


The dessert is again made with coconut and we promise that it will melt in your mouth in three seconds.

8. Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice-Khurki.net

This pretty as a picture sweet is pink in colour, and is made with coconut and rava. And don’t try to make it at home, as it needs loads of patience. Just eat it at the first chance you get.

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Priya Aurora
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