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Go Mangoeyyyy! Different Ways You Can Relish Mango This Season!

Mango, the king of fruits, drives everyone crazy each season, especially Indians.

Come summer and they chew up the brains of their local fruitwaala to get them every possible variety under the sun. Besides its sinful calories, mangoes are also a very versatile fruit and can be consumed in many interesting ways.

Khurki learns that mango has been known in India since very early times. It is referred to in Sanskrit literature as Amra and has been under cultivation by man for over 4000 years.

It appears, however, that Hsiian-tsang, one of the early travelers to India (632-645), was the first person to bring mango to the notice of people outside India.

This fruit occupied an important place in horticulture during the rule of the Mughal emperors in India, and Akbar the Great (1556-1605) planted an orchard of 100,000 mango trees.

So, if you like the king of fruits, congratulations, you share the taste with Akbar The Great!

10 Ways To Enjoy Your Love For Mango

1. Have a Mango lassi. Aren’t you tired of having it in dices or slices all the time?

2. Spruce up your evenings my having a Mango smoothie.

3. How can we forget the centuries old aam panna? Always tastes absolutely yum.

4. Try making a mango chaat this summer, you are sure to get addicted to it.

5. Baking enthusiasts can bake themselves a mango bread.

6. A mango mousse can fix your mood for sure.

7. The list would be incomplete without Aamras Poli.

8. On a sunny Sunday lunch, have a mango raita.

9. Mango salsa and nachos go perfectly with your favorite movie

10. If you have kids, a mango bar will make you a winner.





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