Go Ahead, You Have Brazilian Researchers’ Nod For Butt Implants

In the backdrop of growing popularity of Gluteoplasty, a group of Brazilian researchers have come forward to term the procedure safe. Women eyeing that perfect derriere through plastic surgery for butt augmentation may find comfort in this, as the research found that certain side effects of the procedure are potentially reversible.

The procedure led to improved body shape, with a curvier, more gynoid (female) contour. “Gluteal augmentation with implants was effective in improving the waist-to-hip ratio,” the researchers noted.

Gluteoplasty (sometimes known as a brazilian butt lift) has become increasingly popular in recent years. We bring you a peekaboo into certain lead personalities who have taken this option.

1. Khloe Kardashian

butt transplant1

2. Coco Austin


3. Nicki Minaj


4. Jennifer Lopez


5. Heidi Montag

butt 5

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