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Gmail ‘Undo Send’ Option Activated After 6 Years Of Launch


Search engine Google-based emailing system Gmail has finally promoted the feature of ‘UNDO SEND’ on any email for the public.

This feature would enable users to reverse their action of sending the mails within a time frame. Thus, a user would be taken back to the composing step of email upon clicking on the feature that has been now made available to them.

Though the feature was available for mail users earlier too, it was hidden in Lab Settings option which used to take some time for anyone approaching the actual feature.

As an improvement, the feature has now been placed in General Settings. This way, it becomes a bit easier to use the feature more frequently.

However, this feature is disabled for those who have not used this feature earlier in the Lab Settings.

This would become a common feature only when the user sets it in default for themselves.

The UNDO SEND feature would only be possible to access within 30 seconds of sending the mail. With this add-on to the Gmail accounts, it would certainly become of great importance just as it starts getting users in large numbers.

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