What Defines ‘Too Girly Girls’? They All Love Pink! Uff!!


A girly girl cares a lot about how she looks and dresses up. She wears very feminine, cute, stylish, and sexy clothes. She clothes like skirts, dresses, cute tops and stylish low-rise jeans.

She likes wearing high heels, wears a lot of pink, does her hair up nice, wears a lot of makeup, does her nails, loves jewellery, usually not into sports and reads fashion magazines.

Everything in their room is pink and they are never seen without a cute outfit on.

Their pet word is AWWWWWW…..

too girly-khurki.net

Aww shona, aww baby, aww sho cutu …

Their favourite color is PINK – all shades of it!

too girly-khurki.net.jpg90

Pink bag, pink phone cover, pink everything, Pink, Pink all over.

They love shopping the most


Favourite pastime is to shop, shop and shop…

Very conscious about their looks

too girly-khurki.net.jpg67

My eyeliner is fine na? Oh how am I looking ?? Am I looking fat? Blah blah blah…Non-stop chatter about looks!

Over-emotional too

Crying crying and crying. That’s all they do in every situation.

Holding boyfriend’s hand in public

too girly-khurki.net.jpg000

Why to show-off darling?? Is he going to leave you…

I don’t have anything to wear…sob sob sob!

This is something that is a usual with them!

Carrying touch-up things in their bags

too girly-khurki.net.jpg900

Stuff like eyeliner, kajal, lipsticks, compact will always be there in their bag.

They usually overreact

They be like: Who’s that girl who liked your status? DELETE her ….

Will always have matching accessories 

Matching shoes, nail paint, ring, bag, scarf! OMG! So self-obsessed these girls are…

Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!


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