Girls Who Don’t Wear Makeup Will Relate With This!


Makeup is something that generally makes you look pretty. 90 out of 100 girls love to apply some red lippy, sweep some mascara, and head out for the world to stare at them. But then there are some women who get up in the morning, wash their face, apply some moisturizer, and are ready to conquer the world with no stress of what people will say. But when they get engaged with women who talk about makeup all the time, they are left speechless because they got nothing to say. Which are the things that only “no makeup woman” will understand.

    Wearing makeup is a personal choice; for some, it gives them confidence and a more unique look, and for others, it is to accentuate the features they love about themselves. The choice to not wear makeup is also a confident and bold choice, where you can show who you are just by walking outside completely natural. When it comes to not wearing makeup it is still really important to properly look after your skin, so it keeps that fresh glow of health that looks gorgeous and revitalized. Trying products like ‘Beverly Hills MD Sculpting Cream‘ gives skin that tight, firm look, which helps to keep the skin younger and healthier. Applying these creams is super quick and easy to do, even in your morning rush to work, so there is no excuse to getting that smooth glow, in the morning.

    When people say MAC, you think Mackintosh

    Have no clue as to what Contouring is 🙁

    No idea what you are looking for when shopping

    Everything looks same to you.

    For a party, you are the quickest to get ready

    While everyone else is spending hours applying makeup, you can either scream at them or open the wine bottle and relax.

    You are targeted by your friends for a make-over

    You refuse every time and proceed to list all the things that you would rather do.

    Your bag isn’t a storehouse of makeup

    If anyone wants to borrow anything, you get into a helpless situation!

    You often get to know that you are tired or unwell

    Why don’t you wear makeup lady? You look tired all the time.

    And when you wear it finally, people talk about it

    It’s like they believe you have finally became a woman.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!


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