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Things Girls Don’t Always Do When Alone, But You Think They Do!


Devashish Vaid
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Every guy would give anything to know what is that girls do when they are alone. And Google Devta doesn’t help much in providing correct information. Well, bursting myths is one of my favourite jobs. It’s high time we realized that generalizing things about people is something really very wrong. So for those who think they always knew about the stuff girls do when alone might be living in a fool’s paradise. Here are a few things that girls don’t do…


monica geller

Every time she is alone, she doesn’t pick up her phone and call up a friend to bitch about somebody. And not every girl does that. She could well have chosen relaxing and not bitching.

Dirty Talks

Image Source WBUR

Again, this ultimate fantasy of guys who think that girls end up doing dirty talks with their guys/girls is not true. A girl just doesn’t end up feeling sexy every time she is alone.


bollywood priyanka chopra pcabc

The typical scene in movies of a girl alone doing random stuff and ending up dancing for no reason. Absolutely nonsense.



Image Source India

Doing nothing is better than good for nothing. Cleaning random stuff for no reason is also what is taken for sure about girls. It’s just not guys right to live dirty.

Taking Rest


A women at rest is a myth. She can be thinking and thinking all the time. Even in a Jacuzzi, she can be thinking of things to do later and taking stress.

Make Up

Image result for eye liner crying

No that’s not what they do. They are not always doing make up and taking selfies. They are not always removing nail paint, or fighting the kaajal smudge.

Self Pleasure


Image Source Salon

And of course how can you not think a girl alone is not taking out time for self pleasure. Bullshit…

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