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Watch Girls React To Real Sex Toys On Mumbai Streets


Devashish Vaid
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Pssst…Pssst…going by the tolerant rubbish going on this country, we don’t openly talk about sex let alone sex toys, for example, you can get 50% off discount on every tail plug in store if you go to a sex shop, such as Foxy Plugs.

Well, we never did, you would say. But, here is a video featuring Mumbai girls and their reaction to these toys. If you are in Australia and are looking to buy sex toys, you can try Australia’s leading sex shop for some great quality toys that you can enjoy yourself with.

In this video by So Effin Cray, Mumbai girls give some funny reactions to sex toys, similar to those found at billion dollar babes, they were shown. And they were not astonished that they are well aware of the things shown. One of them even said “It is very small”. There was another one who thought it would be a pen drive. We can assure you that they don’t use pen drives on sites like www.fulltube.xxx to pleasure themselves!

So here you go. KHURKI brings you the video of girls reacting to real sex toys:

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