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Girls Get Perfect Abs With These Easy Steps!


Guys who have 6-pack abs definitely attract attention of girls at first sight. Imagine what would be the boy’s reaction to see girls with such a bomb figure! OMG! They will surely go mad. Today, many girls are interested in learning how to get great abs not to impress anyone but to be physically fit and attractive. To get six-pack abs, all you have to know is right moves and few diet tips. Khurki can help with these easy ways:

1 Discard The Myth First!

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You have seen the ads all over the internet saying ‘bust your belly fat just in two days’. Those ads only helping in spread a myth. Trust us! There is no easy way to get rid of fat in one area of your body just in two three days. Bust this myth and get into real exercise to get great abs.

2 Avoid The Cola

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Always think what you are putting into your body. A bottle of soda contains almost 250 calories. Better avoid it and take fresh juice without sugar or just squeeze lemon into a glass of water.

3 What is Fast Food? Forget It!

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Best tip that will help you get to your perfect abs, all you have to do is forget fast food.

4 Don’t Starve Yourself

This is one mistake that most of the people do to lose their weight. Doing this to yourself you will end up with the flabbiest skinny girl on earth, or worse. Now choice is yours!

5 Eat Five Times A Day

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Yes, we are supposed to eat five times a day but only healthy snacks, veggies or fruits. Most of us don’t follow this routine. Serving five times a day won’t let you starve but give you more energy.

6 Climb The Stairs

It’s actually good for your thighs! Climbing the stairs is another way to get great abs. So opt for stairs instead of lifts or elevators.

7 Do Crunches Using Exercise Ball

Crunches are a great way to shape up your abs. Many of you might have this question that ‘How are these crunches better for getting great abs’? Because, to stay on the ball, you will have to use your core for balance, kicking your crunches up one notch.

8 Repeat Your School PT: Do Sit-Ups!

Sit-ups work the core of your body and they don’t require any equipment. For the best results, do fast-paced sets and keep your form sharp. Try 3 sets of 15.

9 Track Your Progress

Take a before photo of your tummy region before you start working on your abs. Then every two weeks, take another and see the change.

10 Stay Inspired

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No matter how dedicated you are towards your great abs routine, diet & exercise, you won’t get the results in a week. So learn to be patient.



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