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Reasons Why Girls Are Better Than Boys! No Discussion Needed!

Who says girls are better than boys? Well, we are saying it…

Khurki is proud of women and we think that they are the God’s greatest gift. Although we had an infinite list of why girls are better than boys, we decided to be modest and picked only a few:


1. Girls always keep their rooms clean and tidy


2. Girls are more mature from childhood

3. They are more dedicated to studies

4. Definitely more punctual

5. They like to talk about their problems and look for solutions

6. Multitasking comes very naturally to them

7. They always have a better handwriting

8. They are better at handling interviewers

9. No other relation can beat the daughter’s role

10. They have foresight

11. They are better at planning the future & saving for the rainy day

12. Experts at styling themselves and all the women in the family

13. Their levels of tolerance are legendary

14. They are willing to adjust to all kinds of in-laws, husbands and nasty relatives

15. They have soft hearts filled with compassion

16. They play the role of agony aunt to perfection

17. They are quick learners and always ready to grow

18. They can forgive your most cardinal sin if they love you

19. They can inspire you to reach the stars

And if you still have any doubts, watch them go into the thin air:

Any dissent with the opinion expressed is most welcome in the comment column below….Come on raise your voice!



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