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Want to Be A Girlfriend Or Wife? Here’s How You Can Check!


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Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
I love solving puzzles, coz i'm a mystery myself. I'm an exploring addict cause getting in touch with nature gives me answers, sometimes...okay most of the times!

Girlfriend or wife… are you in middle of this thought? Chill there’s nothing to worry about it because when KHURKI is here nothing to fear. So here you go with some of the differences in “being wife” and “being girlfriend”. I hope this will sought out all your confusions.

Wives are good caretakers

Wife: It’s not good for health to eat out. Let’s eat at home. She wants to cook his favourite food especially on holidays.

Girlfriend: Let’s go out and eat…She will take him out to a good restaurant if there’s a holiday.

Image Source
Image Source

Wives love every aspect of you

Wife: Though he messes up the home everyday, she cleans it by every evening.

Girlfriend: If he messes up the home everyday, she advises him to keep a servant.

Image Source
Image Source

They care for small things

Husband: He brings vegetables and along with that her favourite sweet to give her a surprise.

Boyfriend: He gifts her favourite chocolate.

sweets khurki.net
Image Source

Husbands become more responsible!

Husband: Cancels his weekly meet with his friends because she is not feeling well.

Boyfriend: Asks her to take a tablet or visit doctor and goes to meet friends. Calls her after an hour to check how she’s feeling.

Image Source
Image Source

Wives made families

Girlfriend: ‘Your Parents….’ , ‘Your family…’

Wife: ‘Our Parents…’, ‘Our Family…’

Image Source
Image Source

Care and understanding exists

Girlfriend: Let’s spend…

Wife: Let’s save…

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Image Source

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