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Is Having A Girlfriend A Costly Affair. What Do You Think?


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Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
I love solving puzzles, coz i'm a mystery myself. I'm an exploring addict cause getting in touch with nature gives me answers, sometimes...okay most of the times!

Yes, of course having a girlfriend is a costly affair. If you want her to be happy, then you have to shower a lot of love and care on them. It’s not that loads of money can keep them happy but that treasure of unconditional support and selfless love that every girl desires. And if you blame them for being greedy, yes she is. But greedy for your smile and your happiness that’s it. KHURKI gives you a list in which way girlfriends can be costly.

Your treasures will invite her

And now you yourself define your treasures, because girls adore the treasures of simplicity, innocence, attentiveness, cuteness, sometimes smartness also. Which treasure of yours will invite her…Well!

Image Source: www.lovepanky.com
Image Source: www.lovepanky.com

You are ATM for her

Yes, you are “All That’s Mine” – ATM for every girl from which she can withdraw love whenever she wants and support whenever she needs and romance whenever she feels like. I don’t think you would mind having this costly affair.

Image Source: www.dramabeans.com
Image Source: www.dramabeans.com

You have to spend on her cosmetics

Yes, those eyes that start glowing when they see you. So you have to let her have your glimpse. Her cheeks that turn rosy and blush without any blusher when you touch them, so you have to spend your feelings to give them a magical touch.

Image Source: youqueen.com
Image Source: youqueen.com

You are her life insurance plan

Life insurance plan is something that actually makes us feel that our life is secure and this is what your girl feels whenever she is with you. If you’re in a serious, committed relationship and even considering marriage, it might be a wise ideal to actually take out a life insurance policy too if you don’t have one already. Losing the one they love is tough enough without having to worry about any financial burdens. You can try this insurance calculator to determine how much insurance you need and how much it’ll cost you.

Image Source: www.herinterest.com
Image Source: www.herinterest.com

Your bank balance

She will regularly check out your bank balance (feelings) and withdraw feelings like anger, stress and all that makes you uneasy from your account (life).

Image Source: www.meetmindful.com
Image Source: www.meetmindful.com

Your savings, her possessions

All those feelings and emotions, all those plans of romantic dates, all those moments you want to share but you have saved them for someone special – all that she will own up as her possessions.

Image Source: www.today.com
Image Source: www.today.com


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