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In Love With A Girl Whose Heart Has Been Broken? Be Prepared…

Dating a girl who’s been spurned in love can be little tricky because she is emotionally shattered and probably afraid to love again. Such a girl will love differently and handle the relationship in a different manner because they don’t wish to get hurt again. It will take time and patience from your side if you want to get into a relationship with a girl whose heart has been broken. These points will give you an insight on how she will express love differently from normal girls:

She can be fragile

If you love a girl with a broken heart, it’s very important to understand that she won’t open up immediately. She will maintain some distance in the starting few days, but once she realizes she is safe with you she will open up.



It’s better to go slow

Taking things slow is the best course of action when you are dating a girl with the background of having a broken heart. She won’t prefer to reveal so much about herself, as she will have the fear of scaring you off. They prefer taking things slow – one step at a time.



Walls around her heart

This is the common way we all adopt when hurt. Remember, she has been betrayed before so to guard her heart from any more pain and suffering she must have raised high walls so that she doesn’t become a victim again. You must find a way to get around the wall to reach her heart.



She will have secrets

You must be thinking what’s so different in having secrets. We all have them, but in her case these secrets are attached to her emotions. She will try her level best to hide these secrets from you. She will let you know only when she starts trusting you.



She will be very affectionate

Yes, you read it correctly! Once you have earned her trust, she will shower you with all her love and care. After all, every girl loves to kiss, cuddle and hug, but for that you must make her comfortable first.



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Manisha Jessani
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