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11 Reasons Why Your Girl Best Friend Is Ignoring You!



They say that a boy and a girl can’t be best friends. Who are ‘they’ to decide any of your chapters of life? It might just not be true because (GUYS DO HAVE GIRL BEST FRIENDS) and you’ll agree with the fact that it’s a totally different bond shared between two guys ‘best friends’ the (bro code). It becomes, nothing remains constant except change itself kind of a situation when she wants to keep some distance and ignore you. Find your reason here:

Afraid of falling in love with you!

Because she never saw you as a friend and probably harboured romantic interests. So, now maybe she lost interest or maybe she is mad. Alas, you would never figure it out.

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Time changed her feelings

As years passed, she matured and does not want you to be a part of her life anymore and its good because she is not faking or hiding anything from you and is being bold about it.

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Found a ‘better’ best friend

You definitely got to leave her on her own now. If you were just another option, you won’t see people lasting long in your life!

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Found a boyfriend!

Maybe she’s happy in a committed relationship with her partner and doesn’t need to pay more attention to you. But don’t give up just like that – try to bring her back! If it doesn’t work, too bad!

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She believes ‘men and women can’t be just friends’

One-sided love is always beautiful. Check out your feelings for her and give it a try because your best friend knows you completely!

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Too busy in her life

Don’t avoid her in this case. Talk when you want to because it’s she who’s has been busy ignoring, not you!

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She’s trying to get you to notice that she’s ignoring you

Don’t leave any stone UN-turned in noticing her acts and wants!

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She’s had enough of you!

A person can’t be in anyone’s life forcefully. Things will fall in place if they have to…Stop waiting and search a substitute in your life!

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It’s a game and she wants more attention

Attend to her when she needs it, give her time, make her feel that she has been always the ‘best’ part of your life!

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Heard unfavourable rumours about you

A best friend, who knows you inside out, will never go with the people’s column. Instead, would talk to you, if needed.
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She loves you enough to let you go!

Never let someone who knows how to love you go away because ‘LOVE’ is LIFE!

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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
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