Getting A Pet Home? Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are!


If you are looking for a loyal friend who loves you unconditionally, then get yourself a pet dog. He will not judge you, ask you any questions, and just be there all the time. Dogs are no ordinary species, they are one of the most loving and compassionate companions for humans.

If you still need more convincing, keep reading these facts:

1. Every time you pet your dog, your blood pressure gets lowered. Petting your dog can also help to calm them down too. However, if your furry friend is particularly stressed or nervous, you might want to invest in some Calming Treats for Dogs. Head to to learn more.

2. When your dog is all curled up, he is just keeping himself warm

3. What might be smelly to you, is perfume for him!

4. Their nose is always wet to absorb all kinds of smells instantly

5. If you are going to leave him for some time, just leave your shirt with him and he will be more than happy

6. Did you know that the Basenji are incapable of barking?

7. Dogs just don’t poop anywhere. They align it according to the magnetic field of the Earth

8. Guys who walk their dogs have better chances of meeting new girls

9. The Lundehund from Norway has six toes, not five

10. The Mayor of Coormorant is a dog called Duke

11. Sadly, they are colour blind and can only see black, blue, yellow and white

12. The bloodhounds are used to trace blood smells over three hundred hours old

Well, well well…If all that was not enough, here’s a closer look…

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