Get Fresh…Yes, We Are Talking About Feminine Hygiene!


Ladies, let’s admit to the fact that down there, we don’t always smell as good as we wish we should. The way you smell there is determined by many external and internal factors. Most of the time, it’s due to a disruption in the vagina’s PH balance caused by a range of different environmental factors. Luckily, things like boric acid vaginal suppositories help eliminate vaginal odor or other feminine issues you may be facing. However, to avoid these changes in your feminine health, read on.

Please don’t take your female hygiene for granted. We request you to take some simple precautions and steps to ensure that you are always in the pinkest of health.

A good smelling body will instantly lift your confidence and make you feel good about yourself too.

1. Please make it a point to change your sanitary pad after every four hours

No matter what your flow status is, do yourself a favour please..

2. Don’t ever use soap, go for a feminine wash

Avoid soap in your private parts. The chemical will only do more harm than help. As a rule, always use lukewarm water and keep yourself fresh.

3. Stick to cotton briefs!

Listen to your mommy and granny and stick to cotton in order to be absolutely safe. Keep the lace, satin and silk for special occasions only.

4. Include fruits and yogurt in your diet

Have a bowl of yogurt every single day. Avoid red meat and junk food. The good bacteria in yogurt will work wonders for you.

5. Always use the loo after sex

Make this simple rule and push the bacteria out after a hot session of making out. This includes if you’re on your own, sex toys such as a dildo can harbour bacteria and need to be washed properly too. Going to the loo after anything goes inside you clears out bacteria that is left behind. The chances of a urinary tract infection will definitely get lowered and you won’t feel itchiness or pain while urinating, caused by the UTI. It’s always a good idea to get uti treatment if you suffer any symptoms though.

6. Pamper yourself with a warm bath

Once a week. prepare a warm bath for yourself. While you are relaxing, pour half a cup of apple cider vinegar to the bath. The acidity level of your vagina will be fixed instantly.

7. Be sure to meet your gynaecologist regularly

Schedule regular visits to the gynaec and listen to what she says.

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