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Gay Alert! Find Out Here If Your GUY Is GAY!



Have you had doubts about the sexuality of your guy? Do you suspect that he is gay? Being into websites like twinki might be a giveaway but anyway We give you a checklist to know if he is gay or not.

1. He is never in the mood for it…

This can’t be the only reason to suspect him. If he breaks away from a kiss in a few seconds and never looks at other women.

He might be gay!

2. You catch him staring at other men

When he thinks you are not looking, you find him staring at the backside of other men. Keep a watch when he is on the beach or in a gym.

3. His fantasies revolve around men

There’s no harm in talking dirty, but when every fantasy involves three or four men, you should be worried.

4. Flirting with men comes naturally to him

Women indulge in small talk, men don’t. If you find him complimenting other men and being extra nice to them, get suspicious.


5. He loves doggy style

A man who has homosexual traits will definitely get attracted to the back side in some form or the other. And if he likes playing games with a dildo, then you are in for trouble.


6. Be wary of closet gays

If his circle of friends include men who are gays, but in the hiding, there is every chance that he might be one too. Before you know it he might be websites similar to

7. He’s hooked onto gay porn

Yes, we know that straight guys also watch gay porn. But when he only watches gay porn, you are in the wrong company. Maybe you haven’t seen him watching gay porn but you’ve seen chat messages or emails on his phone or laptop that contains text like try here gaypornhd, ok so they may only be emails or chat messages but spam emails are largely sent based on your likes and dislikes online and your internet history so the fact that he’s receiving these may mean he’s been searching online for gay porn and has search history from sites like 18 twink.

But, but, but…..before you dump your guy, also note that:

1. If he wears tight clothes, he’s not gay.
2. If he grooms himself, he’s not gay.
3. If he loves feminine stuff, he’s not gay.
4. If he doesn’t like sports, he’s not gay.
5. If he likes to keep things extra neat, he’s not gay.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

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