Punekars Make Way For Ambulance During Ganesh Visarjan!


Majority of religions complain of being criticized for their customs. But this video of Ganesh Visarjan is a befitting answer to all the haters. Ganesh Visarjan draws a lot of criticism for its loudness and environmental issues besides the traffic snarls it caused.

But, Punekars have set a great example. During the recent Ganesh Visarjan festival, an ambulance siren managed to draw the attention of people enjoying the loud festivity. What happened next is an example for others to emulate. People not only cleared the way for the ambulance, but also turned off the music for a while.

ganesh visarjan

Religion is for humanity, not vice versa & this video quantifies it for one and all. Also, thanks to the cameraperson who was quick enough to capture the whole scene. The video was uploaded on YouTube by TwoBrotherzProduction. This is the true spirit of India and exactly what Hinduism preaches, putting people first.

Punekars Make Way For Ambulance During Ganesh Visarjan!

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