13 Amusing Games Played By The 80s Kid Revived For Friendship Sake


Rachit Bhargav
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Our childhood was not about selfies, Facebook, Subway Surfer, Android.

It was way beyond all these. The 80s kid had the joy of staapu, which was way better than what kids play on their play stations these days. Childhood was all about innocence and friendship of “galiwaale dost” . Those memories of childhood were the golden days and will always remain the best times we all ever had.

This Friendship Day, don’t just call up your “Gali-K-Dost” hangout with them play staapu, and every game we have dug out this year and relive the golden days of your life.

1. Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi

2. Fight over ‘Gatta’ shaped as bird, airplane, cycle – you name it!

3. Babaji ka Bioscope. All the colourful dancers and kaleidoscope

4. Patakha reel used on Diwali. And then bursting the ones left with a stone

5. Kanche, bante or marbles – Have you lost it!

6. Ah! The Gilli Danda. The time spent on sharpening the ‘Gilli’

7. Small-town game of using discarded cycle tyres for racing

8. How long will the top spin, was the game!

9. Staapu! Hopscotch for the initiated.

10. Pitthu Garam! Doesn’t need any explanation…does it?

11. Kokla Chappaki 

12. Chidiya Udd, Tota Udd…Can play it anytime still!

13. Kainchi Cycle

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