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OMG! Would You Want One Of These Funny Underwears?

No matter what part of world you live in, you gotta wear an underwear 24 hours a day, all season all reason! In India, many keep wearing it while bathing as well, as separating yourself from your underwear is very difficult…
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So, Khurki brings you funny underwears and bets you would definitely want one of them at least:

OMG! Would You Want One Of These Funny Underwears?

You just cannot wait for 30 minutes delivery option in this case!

Warm hugs are always satisfying!

Crush, Roll, Repeat!!

She bought jeans and wanted to get rid of bleach stains!

And the magic spell is “Aa-bra Ka Da-bra”

That’s 21st century’s Skullture!

Funny Underwear my choice is…

Love & fart are both amazing four letter words!

i1035 FW1.1

Being cheesy level Infinity!!

Forget 911, it’s time for strip show in an emergency situation!!

Showing your support for the nation be like!

funny underwears

“Pussy” “Cat”, which one is your choice?

funny underwears

The curious bird funny underwear!!

funny underwears

Not you, the guy who was actually reading it!

funny underwears

You are just C’Lick’ away from your job!

funny underwears

If you wanna buy, “click here” is not the option we have this time!!

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Devashish Vaid
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