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Funny Rituals Which Are Still A Part Of Indian Weddings

Weddings are made in heaven. And if they are made in India, they are the most joyous and colorful occasions. Families and friends come together to bless the couple and, shower their choicest blessings on them.

You might belong to any community or to any state, when the word goes out about a wedding in the family, you are sure to become the centre of attraction.

We have for you today a list of Indian weddings and their special notes.

1. The Telugu Wedding

You will be required to dunk each other’s hair with a mixture of ghee, and jaggery in order to be pronounced man and wife.

Telugu Wedding

2. The Gujarati Wedding

The Gujarati groom breaks an earthen pot before entering the venue of the marriage. It signifies that he is tough to take on anything.

Gujarati Wedding

3. The Marwari Wedding

In this wedding, the groom wears the janau or sacred white thread and pretends to walk out of the wedding. Only to be convinced by the maternal uncle to come back.


4. The Bengali Wedding

The bride is seated on a small wooden stool and her brothers are required to lift her and take seven rounds of the groom. God forbid, if you have a heavy sister!!

Bengali Wedding

Been to one yet? No! Check out your FB friends and have yourself invited….


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