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20 Chalkboards That Compel You To Enter The Bar!


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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ūüėČ

Chalkboards are multipurpose. They are a great advertising tool, which, if used well, would attract more business. They also end up being signatory to a specific restaurant or service Рsomething that would eventually become your identity.

A funny, witty and humorous chalkboard would definitely assure a client of a good time. The positioning is the next important aspect to be factored in. Placed inside a restaurant, only those coming inside would notice; placed in the window, can skip attention; placed outside the restaurant or side-walk, definitely attract!

But how many of us do remember the catchy liners on chalkboards of bars and restaurants?

1. Domestic violence, eh!

doemstic violence

You’ll definitely not store it in your gallery, if you’re a violator!

2. High-priced gifts for you


Time to shake hands!!

3. Choose and eat, wisely


I choose to ignore people who judge me on my food xD

4. Any spoiled brat out there?


Caution : Don’t carry your gf along.

5. For those lazy lads


That’s probably no less than an Oscar winning moment.

6. For the lovers of wine!


LOL…Now, this must be under the influence of wine!

7. And after you’re done with the wine…


I’ve read it, but I wanna see if they’re honest.



But did they mention the gender of bartenders?

9. Another one for pig lovers


That’s in¬†case you might go against your gf¬†to prove your love for the food.

10. Heart aches


But at least direct us to some ‘sex sells’ place!

11. Discrimination


What about ‘others’?

12. That sarcastic wannabe


Throw’em all, I’m coming!

13. This bar should be demolished


And you thought bars had women waiting for you.

14. They’re just being honest

Truth hurts is what they say.

15. Bars are not for children


Too much booze can result in this.

16. Friday special

7707e430440f108ec37d48b62b0a8f03 (1)

Wow. That was the deal worth waiting for!

17. Whiskey is the key


Mom it was just a whiskey in a bowl of soup. Is that wrong?

18. Druggers


This is no place to play Treasure Hunt.

19. Is that an insult?


These solid reasons won’t hold you back

20. Grape’y things


Ohh, let me know when the fresh ones arrive.

Comment below if you have something sarcastic on mind!

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