We Bet These Fruits Can Make You Look Amazing!


Every woman craves for a healthy, glowing and flawless skin. And if you have given up hope that your skin will ever look like a Bollywood actress, then just read what we have for you today. And we are not asking you to head to the closest spa. Instead, we are asking you to head to the closest fruit market. Most of you are aware that fruits are rich in carotenoids, which work to keep your skin healthy and glowing. But not all fruits will make you look like a stunner. You need to know which ones to choose and which ones to leave.

Do not underestimate the Raspberries

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These small burst of flavour and freshness are rich in Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. No wonder when you have a bite you feel refreshed instantly. They can slow down the ageing process and give your skin a fine texture too. And the loadsof Vitamin C in them can make your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated.

An apple is your natural skin doctor


Apples are loaded with healthy goodness. They moisturize your skin and make you look younger. Green apples are known to offer you anti-acne relief and can also make you say good bye to under eye circles. And that’s not all they are full of Vitamin A and C, which makes you look beautiful from inside.

Grapes will always give you smooth skin

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Grapes have very large content of flavonoids, which will ensure that your skin stays healthy. The anti-oxidants in them improve your digestion and are also high in anti-inflammatory properties. Grapes will also keep pimples away and fade the scars in the akin. Say good bye to wrinkles with grapes.

Papayas will give you a glowing skin

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This summer fruit is rich in Calcium, fiber and Vitamin C. They boost your metabolism and detoxify your blood too. The high levels of antioxidants in it will give you a glow from inside. This fruit should be on your must-eat list.

Prunes will tone your body

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This yummy fruit belongs to the raisin family and is loaded with fiber. They ensure that your digestive system stays healthy and flush the bad toxins out. They offer you bursts of energy and are great for propel on a diet. The soluble fiber in them helps you keep weight in control.

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