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10 Things You Can Wear From Your Brother’s Wardrobe!


Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

This blog is dedicated to all the girls who always wanted to sneak out some style from their brother’s wardrobe.

I am big fan of over-sized clothing but I rarely get the chance to wear clothes as he stays abroad. But I do have the list of 10 things I would like to pick up from my brother’s style.

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Girls take full advantage of your brother while you guys are together.

All Those Check Shirts

Flannel shirt

Sexyyyyy…By God!! Wear your brother’s oversized shirt. Or you could even double it up and add a Henleys on top for extra style – if he doesn’t already have one, you can check this one out here!

Ah Those Sporty T-Shirts

T-Shirt .

Wear your brother’s over-sized T-shirt as a dress paired with sunglasses and high heels!! Go out and leave your friends amazed!

Denim Jackets, Of Course


Lemme suggest, keep your brother’s denim jacket permanently in your cupboard…. ‘coz it looks hotter on us.

Cabled Oversized Jumpers

Men's Jumper

Big, wooly and comfy…I swear boy’s jumpers are somehow more warmer. Wore it once, you will get to know.

Warm Hoodies

Kim Kardashian's

This gem is hanging in your brother’s wardrobe. Go and raid it…. I used to wear my brother’s hoodie a lot and I just love it. You will look absolutely cool like Kim Kardashian…Try it!!

Boys Love Caps, So Do You!


Your brother’s baseball cap will add that extra spark to your look.

Big-Buckled Belts


This look is perfect for daily wear and helps you add different style points.

You Won’t Believe It, But Ties


Confused, which tie to wear for an official meeting?? Just open your brother’s wardrobe and bingo, choice is all yours.

Checks And Stripes Of Scarves


Simple way to show your unique sense of style: Wear A Scarf.



It is completely possible to use your brother’s cardigans specially by bigger women.

So girls, feel free to adapt your brother’s style and be the centre of attraction in your group.

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