This Girl Asks For Friendship On F-Day, But With A Twist!


Friendship Day is here again. And what better way than to celebrate it in a fun manner. How about a prank to make it sound even better.

As Friendship Day is just round the corner, here’s an example of exactly what to expect from a prank this day. In return, if you are able to get the best of reactions from people and spread some smiles – what more could you ask for.

This girl roamed around the streets of Delhi asking people to be her friend. Imagine a good, hot looking girl stopping you on the street and seeking her out. And then offers you the f-band. The catch is when she asks you for “Chaalis Rupaye” for the band. Rotfl!

The reactions of these people are worth five minutes of yours and your internet data as well. Hope you liked, yet another video by Funk You.

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