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Do We Really Have The Freedom To Fart Around?

Every person should know his rights and I am sure you all will agree..!!

Even if we don’t follow them, we make sure that everyone knows that we have our rights in place. For example, if someone stops you from speaking your mind, you get offended and defend yourself by saying ‘I have the right to speak my mind and it’s called freedom of speech.’

fart around

Likewise, to be able to fart around should also be a right. After all, if eating and drinking can be our rights, letting go of gas formed due to this process should also be one.

I don’t know whether you fart or not, you fart a lot or fart is just a habit of yours..I just know that there’s a lot of gas inside a human body. Letting those gases pass is what one expects, but there are certain people who just love public farting.

If you are one of those, then lemme tell you that you’ve just been busted..!!

What happens when you actually fart around? No literally, have you ever noticed anyone’s reaction to your fart?

fart around

Lemme show you the varied reactions which people give when you simply fart around:

1. Yehi jagah mili thikya tujhe B@#$*&d!

fart around

Think before you FART!

2. Kya gannd pa rakha hai yaar!

fart around

And you talk about ‘swachh bharat abhiyaan?’

3. If you just wanna fart around toh tu kal se mat aaiyo!

Just can’t bear that smell anymore.

4. Subah mooli ke paranthe khaye the kya?

fart around

Radish surely tells others that it’s been eaten.

5. Ohh emmm gee, Nonsense!

fart around

Now you’re making music out of it?

6. Don’t you have any manners? Farting in public..huh!

fart around

And you feel proud of yourself!

7. Kisne bulaaya isko? I’m fed up now!

fart around

I’m sorry I can’t take it anymore.

8. Take some medicine, I’m sure you will be okay!


fart around

Tried, but no use eh!

9. Bata to diya kar yaar…

Probably, they want to accompany you in this exercise…lols…

10. Bhai hai tu, tere liye sab seh loonga

fart around

Really, then here comes another one!

And the relationship fart for all the lovers out there:

fart around

Here’s a video to help you with some skills for hiding case you ever need watch :

Hey! It’s okay to fart… Everyone does it.

Happy Farting!!

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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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