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Found Love? Thinking About Perfect Venue For The First Date? Check This Out

So you got the girl smiling and asked her out too! But you can’t decide where to take her for the first date.

Don’t worry, we have a long list of the perfect first-date venues.

Do let us know where you took him or her out!!

1. Try the local coffee haunt

Skip the branded outlets, as they will be more crowded and noisy.

2.Go for a brunch date

If you are nervous about a sit-down formal dinner, plan a simple brunch date.

3. Take her to the comedy club


If you both love humour, then book tickets for a stand-up comedy show and laugh your heart out.

4. Go strolling in the park

Couple strolling through park in autumn

Go dating like your parents did. Take a walk in the park and watch the sun go down.

5. Head to a lounge with live music

What can be more romantic than a karoke bar? The music will pluck the strings in your hearts.

6. Take a trip to the local museum

If he is a history buff, take him to the local museum, followed by lunch.

7. Kucch Meetha Ho Jaye

A spectacular unconventional date which will feed your sugary and romantic cravings.

Go and try it out!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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