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6 Must-Play Foreplay Tips To Enjoy The Ecstatic Moments!

A man would agree that there is something incredibly sexy about making his woman get aroused before reaching the final destination. This is every guy’s dream as this increases the participation of the woman. So for that highly sexy encounter, try these foreplay tips… As well as reading these tips to please a woman in bed.

Ecstasy is the key

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Make her reach the point when she begs for more. Feel free to use the hands or the tongue or….

Treat for the eye

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Make her watch movies (ahem ahem) that get her in the mood while playing around a little.

An oil massage

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Not only is a massage relaxing, but that lingering feeling of your hands would do the magic.

Let’s talk about sex

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How about sharing dirty photos and thoughts throughout the day. A few cheeky snaps can go a long way, and you could even find some particular pages on or another sex tips site that you know she is weak for. She will be on fire by the time you see her, and keen to try a few of the ideas you’ve sent across the day. 😉

I feel it in your fingers


Fingertips can be a soft spot where turning on is concerned. When you are relaxing on the couch, touch her fingers. Play it safe and slow.

Playing some games

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No, we don’t mean chess or anything and drinking games are best avoided. Better to play strip poker or a sexy board game. Results would all be in front of you.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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