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Your Foreign Trip Can Cost Less Than iPhone! Find Out How?


Priya Aurora
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Are you one of those who are twiddling their thumbs and thinking whether to go on a foreign trip or buy an iPhone 6? Don’t worry, we are here to confuse you more.

By the time you finish reading this, you will still be wondering if you should go for a vacation or buy a new phone. We have picked for you today, foreign destinations that can be visited in less than 50,000 grand.

Just remember to plan in advance and travel light.

1. Thailand

Thailand is at the top of this list. It offers you loads of budget options to stay. A round ticket will cost around 20 grand or less. Only eat the street food and travel by bus.

1. thailand_khurki.net

Duration: 6 Days and 5 Nights

Calculation: Approx. INR 35,000

2. Singapore

A multicultural hub that has something to offer to every traveller. The tickets should not cost more than 20,000 and you can choose to stay at any of the hostels for back packers. Eat at the Chinatown Centre, where a three-course meal will cost less than 500 rupees.

2. singapore

Duration: 4 Days and 3 Nights

Calculation: Approx. INR 45,000

3. Vietnam

Go on a luxury cruise in Vietnam. The charm and flavor will surely impress you. A round ticket should not cost more than 16,000 rupees. The city offers a long list of dormitory rooms and single bed arrangements which are less than 400 rupees per night. Eat the traditional street food and choose budget meals. Skip the cab and take the boat cruise.

3. vietnam_khurki.net

Duration: 6 Days and 5 Nights

Calculation: Approx. INR 40,000

4. Sri Lanka

Go and explore nature at its best in Sri Lanka. It is a paradise for backpackers. If you fly from Chennai, the ticket should be less than ten grand. Stay at any hostel in Colombo and pay less than 600 rupees per night. Eat at the Ceylon Tea moments where a huge meal can be had in almost 100 rupees.

Duration: 5 Days and 4 Nights

Calculation: Approx. INR 35,000

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