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Foreign Chocolates You Must Must Add To Your Bucket List!


By the time you end reading this list; you will be salivating like a small kid and will want to run to the closest store.

Viewer discretion advised!!

If you are a true chocolate fan, then in this lifetime you must try all the chocolates on our list. Or we warn you that you will toss and turn in your grave till eternity.

1. Bovetti


These chocolates are shaped in the form of hammers and other tools. If you think Nutella is good, their chocolate spread is out of the world.

2. Boissier


These chocolates ooze old world charm and take creativity to a whole new level. They actually look liked delicate petals of flowers.

3. Kallari


The most unique feature of these chocolates is the fact that they are made with heirloom cocoa only. Sadly, you don’t get them in India yet.

4. Pacari


This chocolate won the award for the best dark chocolate in the world in 2013. It is unarguable one of the best chocolates you will ever eat.

5. Valrhona


If you are a fan of smooth chocolates, then you must have a bite of this chocolate in this life. It redefines the meaning of smooth.

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