Top Bizarre Combinations With Ice Cream. Khurki Won’t Try These!


A bowl of ice cream can make any hot day so bearable. It makes most people so happy and its sweetness makes you forget all your worries for some time.

But did you know that it can be wonderfully combined with many foods to give you the most fantastic brain freeze.

If you want some ideas for combining food with ice cream read on.

1. In love with fudge brownies

A nutty brownie goes perfectly with cold ice cream. And if you add that hot chocolate sauce to it, it becomes out of this world.

2. Goes great with all kinds of fruits

Ice cream can be had with all kinds of fruits, try it with kiwis, strawberries and mangoes.

3. Shockingly well with Jalebi!!

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a plate of hot jalebis. The combo of hot and cold will blow your mind.

4. With a soft and gooey Gulab Jamun

A humble Gulab Jamun will be elevated to a whole new level with one scoop of ice cream.

5. Is perfect with cold coffee

A tall glass of cold coffee is incomplete without a scoop of ice cream. It makes it thick and rich. Try a new flavour like chocolate, caramel or butterscotch this time.

6. With a batch of freshly-baked cookies

A cookie with a gooey centre teams up perfectly with ice cream. It is like a match made in heaven.


We are sure you are going to try this out tonight.

Tell us how it was!!!!

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