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Foods That Were Never Meant To Be Created!


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Cooking is an art and most dishes or foods in this world were created out of strange reasons. The reasons could have been laziness, an honest confusion of ingredients, and lack of resources or just sheer coincidence.

But did you know that some of the most famous dishes in this world were created by mistake. Thankfully, such mistakes occurred or we would have been deprived of such delicacies…These are the foods…

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies


These round pieces of heaven were not created from a master recipe. When a baker ran out of cooking chocolate, she simply smashed up a bar of milk chocolate and added it to the batter.

The result was a chocolate chip cookie.

2. Worcestershire Sauce


When Lord Marcus came back to England from Bengal in 1800, he really missed the Bengali flavours and asked his chef to recreate the magic. But they failed miserably and the sauce they created was dumped in a cellar.

Two years later, somebody bumped into it again and the sauce was found and was called Worcestershire sauce.

3. Popsicle


You will be surprised that Popsicles were not invented in a hot country, but in the winters of San Francisco. When a eleven year old forgot his soda out in the cold, he found it cold and hard on a stick the next morning.

The upright liquid on a stick was soon called Popsicle.

4. Beer


Beer was invented 1000 year ago and by mistake. The Mesopotamians used to dump their grain in huge storage houses. This one time, the moisture caused the grains to ferment and beer was invented.

5. Potato Chips


Back in 1853 a head chef was enraged by a customer, when she claimed that his French fries were too thick. In order to get back at her, he cut them as thin as possible, and the humble potato chip was invented.

Soon, these crunchy delights got more popular than the French Fries.

6. Hawaiian Pizza


Firstly, Hawaiian Pizza was not invented in Hawaii. It was actually invented in Canada. A Chinese joint was experimenting with toppings when they decided to drop Canadian bacon with chunks of pineapple and see the customer’s reactions.

Rest is history.

7. Corn Flakes


The Kellogg brothers need to thank their stars for the day when they were trying to invent granola for their patients and ended up flaking wheat grains by mistake.

The storm with which cornflakes took over the world, is still raging strong.

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